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Every student deserves a strong start and the best chance for a successful future. To many students in Booker T Washington High School and around the world aren't getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. You can help change the life of our students when sponsoring them and giving them the gift of a brighter future. Education and skills training are the keys to achievements.



We not only need educators but students that our foundation has provided opportunities. When BTW students see and hear of others accomplishments it validates achievability.

* A significant indicator of college completion is the belief that one's desired career requires a education, as measured at grade eight.

* Test scores, behaviors and attitudes measured at grade eight explain more than half of poverty-based gaps in the high school graduation rate.

* Of the 30% of students who don't graduate from high school, two-thirds are dropping out in the 9th grade.

* Students who report interest in science, technology, engineering or math at this age are most likely to pursue advanced education and careers in STEM fields.


You can provide school tuition, school supplies, and a daily meal for students. Your donation may even help a student's parent receive the training he/she needs to support his/her family through nightly education programs.


With a decrease of funding for our school districts which includes Booker T Washington High School and tightening of budgets across the country; we are seeking to utilize a new major resource of income. Corporate Sponsorships throughout Virginia High Schools are funding many academic and athletic programs. Corporations understand the future benefits and consequences for businesses in higher education while providing opportunities for the underprovided.

You can provide a student in need with the quality education they need to reach their full potential. You can help provide school supplies, support teacher training, literacy and numeracy programs and so much more. 

 The opportunity to learn gives children the best chance for a lifetime of success. Save the children's basic education programs deliver high quality, low-cost learning opportunities to children in need while fostering community engagement.

Education is a key part of breaking the cycle of poverty, and you can invest in the future of students in need.


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