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    The Foundation

The Foundation was formed in December 2006.The BTW Friends and Alumni Foundation, Inc. was formed because we recognized a need for support due to the historical imbalances in financial; educational support and opportunities  for our youth. Our foundation is a sanctioned 501(c)(3) organization which qualifies all contributions as tax deductible.


 Click on the “ABOUT US” Menu Tab for details from The Foundation’s President. 

Your donations will make a difference in the future of our youth.

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A List of our Projects

Breaking News

Breaking News

Batter UP…. Sam Allen recently celebrated his 85th birthday with a surprise  Honk, Beep & Wave event at Norfolk’s Harbor Park on April 24th, the day before his actual birthday. Many cars with family and friends participated in the processional. Sam was truly surprised. He thought he was at Harbor Park for a family photo shoot with his daughter and grandsons. Boy, was he surprised! Each guest received a thank-you token as they drove off. Sam is a Life Time Member of The Booker T Washington Friends and Alumni Inc (BTWFAAFI). There are  47 pictures of Sam’s 85th Birthday on the BTWFAAFI Facebook Page. Visit and enjoy.

DonavonAD copy.jpg

Breaking News

Breaking News

BOOKER T. WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL                  was awarded a $ 10,000.00 Grant

From the NFL Foundation. Bruce Smith; a Booker T. Alum and former NFL and Hall of Famer presented the generous grant check to Superintendent Dr. Sharon I Byrd and BTW’s Principal Dr. Margie Stalling.


Breaking News

Breaking News

Booker T Washington High School its 102 Year  Anniversary

In the year of 2019; Booker T Washington High School celebrated its 102 Year Anniversary with the placement of a Booker T Washington High School Virginia Historical Highway Marker. The marker is located on the corner of Virginia Beach Boulevard and Park Avenue. The Concerned Citizens of Booker T Washington High School, The Booker T Washington High School Friends and Alumni Foundation Inc (BTWFAAFI) and The Booker T Washington High School PTA along with innumerous supporters take pride in making this dream a reality. 

There are an additional 149 pictures on our Facebook Page. If you are not already our Facebook Friend; you can view the pictures by requesting to be a friend of BTWFAAFI and we will accept.


Breaking News

Breaking News

 LCdr. Linwood Walton donates $1,000.00 and BTWFAAFI donates $500.00 to the  Booker T Washington High School ROTC Program.


Booker T Washington H.S.  Offsite AMI


Booker T. Washington High School instructors, SNSI, LCDR Edward Alexander, USN, retired and SNI, ITC Angel Malone, USN, retired.

The annual inspection is an assessment is required by the Commander of Navy Education Training Command that tests the cadets on basic JROTC knowledge and skills and also evaluates the overall JROTC program.

The assessment began with a personnel inspection conducted by Captain Rosario McWhorter, the Commanding Officer for Navy Submarines Torpedo Facility Command (NAVSUBTURFAC), Yorktown, Va. Capt. McWhorter and the crew of Naval Weapons Station Yorktown inspected every all cadet uniforms for proper wear and maintenance. They also asked basic NJROTC questions.

"We're trying to give the cadets a feel for a Naval Inspection," said McWhorter.


Breaking News

Breaking News


 (L –R) BTWFAAFI Members - Director Percy A. Johnson, Marking Promotion Director Ashley Avery, Co-Membership Director Carl Stokes, Website Developer & Photographer Ben Hyman, Front 2 Ladies, CEO & Publisher of The New Journal and Guide (NJG) Brenda H Andrews, BTWFAAFI Member - Vice President & Event Planning Director Inez Blunt-Mason.

Booker T Washington Friends & Alumni Foundation, Inc. (BTWFAAFI) presentation to the New Journal and Guide (NJG) for the News Paper's continuous coverage and support to The  BTWFAAFI Foundation in our fund raising efforts  to support The BTW High School in areas of needs.


The New Journal and Guide (NJG) is very much relevant. Please support it with a year's subscription.

Breaking News

Breaking News


Top Row Left to right: Pastor Bernard Thompson, LT USN James Rivers, PFC USMC William Mapp, Pastor Joseph Byrd, Minister Elmore L. Bryant, Rev. Dr. D.L. Wilson, MSG USA Ernest Green, Rev. Edward Jenkins, Jr.

Front Row left to right: Rev. Dr. Thomasine Reid, Evangelist Bonita G. Anthony, Pastor Tully


"Our Foundation has awarded numerous scholarships to deserving students and has provided significant funding to help defray the costs of special testing, music programs, field trips to the school. We have also provided funds for boys and girls sports equipment, uniforms, books, arts equipment and other materials required for the success of our students.

We are profoundly grateful to you and friends of our Foundation for the financial support you have given and hope that you will continue your support through pledge or planned giving."


Keynote Speaker

    Yvonne Wagner



     LT Edward Alexander


Singer - Sharon Davidson Cook


Singer  - Debra Dyson-Taylor


left - Mrs Cynthia Watson Right- Principal - Dr. Margie Stallings

$1,000.00  Scholarship Checks  from The Booker T Washington High School Friends & Alumni Foundation, Inc. 

Students from left to right: Ta'Suan Woods, Mahogany Duvall and

Nathan Moran.

Flattop copy.jpg

 Fred "Flat Top" Hood-

 Awarded the Winston    Douglas Certificate of Appreciation Award 


Left to right:

Malcolm "Zeke" Avery, James "Bubba" Myrick,

Fred "Flat Top" Hood

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zzGroup2 copy.jpg
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facebook-512 JPG.jpg

Our FACEBOOK PAGE will have pictures containing the complete coverage of the BTWFAAFI  Honorees Breakfast.  Additional pictures will be added until the 13th of September.


You can use the link below to view or share “The BTWFAAFI  Honorees Breakfast” photo album with anyone, even if they don't have a Facebook account. Anyone with the link will be able to see the pictures photo album. If Facebook ask if you want to join; you can click on "not now"  if you do not wish to join but you will still be able to view the album. When the Album appears; click on the top left image and it will enlarge. Click on the arrow on the right side of the image and it will advance to the next enlarge image.


If you are not one of our BTWFAAFI Facebook Friends and would like to become our friend; you can log onto Facebook and enter btwfaafi norfolk in the search bar to request.



You can view our Website on your Smartphone, Desktop, IPod, Tablet  and all other internet access devices.  Our Website address:

                  Our Facebook access address is: btwfaafi Norfolk

Breaking News

Breaking News

The following message and pictures were sent to The Booker T. Washington Friends and Alumni Foundation Incorporation (BTWFAAFI) by the Booker T Washington High School’s Athletic Director; Ms Robin D. Williams.

Booker T Washington High School athletics would like to thank our Alumni Association (BTWFAAFI) for their annual contribution for our baseball/softball program. Each year our alumni association purchase tickets for all members of our baseball/softball teams to attend a Tide’s baseball game. This year; 35 tickets were purchased. The softball/baseball teams and coaches enjoyed a great game and fellowship at Tide Stadium. This experience would not have been possible without the continued support of the BTWFAAFI and we’re very grateful and appreciate their support. (Athletic Director Ms Robin D Williams).

The following message is from BTWFAAFI Board Member Mr. Ashley D Avery. He along with the help of the former NSU Baseball Coach Mr. Claudel Clark though it would be a great idea to expose the BTW baseball program to a professional experience. Mr. Tim Hayes was the BTW “AD” doing that time. Mr. Fred “Flat Top” Hood joined me in providing personal funds and convinced the foundation that the professional experience was worthy of additional funding. Ms Robin Williams is the current “AD” and adopted the concept. BTW for life.

Breaking News

Breaking News

Booker T Washington High School Friends and Alumni Foundation Inc. (BTWFAAFI) supporting The 900 Men Strong Breakfast which is one of the East Coast’s largest events exclusively for Men. Its purpose is to galvanize Men in our community to make a difference through education and to assist with decreasing the high school dropout rate of African American youth and others. The mission is to provide scholarships to High School Boys who are seniors with a 2.5 GPA or better and who are planning to pursue a post-secondary education.

During this Breakfast at least five $1,000 scholarships was awarded to high school male students who are working toward achieving academic excellence on a post-secondary level. They  also honored the contributions from several distinguished men, who have made significant contributions toward the advancement of our community. These were dedicated men who have made outstanding contributions toward helping our youth and others throughout the Hampton Roads community.

Each year the breakfast has successfully galvanized Men throughout Hampton Roads who are being role models to young men by attending the breakfast. This year's breakfast has once again had a special collaboration of Law Enforcement and Youth in attendance to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and youth in our communities. Your support is vital to increasing the post secondary scholarship opportunities to high school seniors and reducing the up to 50% annual drop out rates of young men across the nation leaving high school each year.

Breaking News

Breaking News

James Church (BTW Alumnus); on the behalf of Priority Ford presented a check  for $4,380.00 to BTW Principal Stallings. The donation was the results of the fundraiser held in October where for each test drive of a Priority Ford vehicle, Booker T Washington High School was awarded $20.00 per test. Ford Motor calls this the "Drive 4UR School Event. Thanks James Church and Priority Ford. Thanks for sharing.

October 21, 2017

Breaking News

Breaking News

BTW Friends and Alumni Foundation, Inc. (BTWFAAFI) continue in their mission to make a difference in the lives of the BTW High School Students. The Foundation sponsored ten BTW juniors and seniors on a chartered bus trip to the North Carolina A&T State University Fall Open House in Greensboro, NC.

Breaking News

Breaking News

BTW High Class of 1966 donate $2,700.00 to School

               September 28, 2017

Malcolm Avery, President of BTWHS Alumni and Friends Foundation, Inc. and Carlton Stokes, Co-Director of the Foundation; presented to Dr. M. Stallings, Principal, BTWHS; $2,700 collected and donated to the school by the Graduating Class of 1966.

"On behalf of the Booker T. Washington High School Class of 1966, The Booker T. Washington High School Friends and Alumni Foundation, Inc., is honored to present this check in the amount of $ 2,700, to you for the purpose of helping you provide needed supplies, equipment or services to promote the continued success of the students of this great, historic institution; Booker T. Washington High School."

Our Foundation has awarded numerous scholarships to deserving students and has provided significant funding to help defray the costs of special testing, music programs and field trips to the school. We have also provided funds for boys and girls sports equipment, uniforms, books, arts equipment and other materials required for the success of our students. With the continued support of our generous alumni and friends, this Foundation will continue these efforts.

Breaking News

Breaking News

August 16, 2017

BTW 2017 Ministers Alumni Honorees Breakfast  

Booker T Washington High School Ministers Alumni Honorees 

Front Row - left to right

Rev. Earnestine Adams …Class of ‘60,  Rev. Jeanette D. Phelps…Class of ‘73

Pastor George L. Chavis ...Class of '71,  Rev. Vanessa Copeland…Class of ‘73

Rev. Dr. Barbara A.F. Brehon…Class of ‘72

Top Row - Left to right

Rev. Dr. Glenn Porter Sr. Friend, Rev. Dr. Jasper Saunders…Class of ‘61

Rev. Dr. Nathaniel W. Obey, Jr….Class of ’77, Rev. Abner Ferebee…Class of ‘72

Rev.  Bishop Ronald Stith, Sr. …Class of ‘64

We are now on Facebook. Your can become our FB Friend by going to Facebook and typing btwfaafi Norfolk in the "Search Bar" and make the request. 

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